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How to

STEP 1: Purchase a virtual server (shared) plan online or contact us to buy a managed virtual server (dedicated) service.

STEP 2: Select 'Add virtual server with software' in the Cloud Services management console.

STEP 3: Fill out your requirements, submit your request and we’ll install the software on a new virtual server for you.


Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services

Pricing is in Australian dollars.

$ 8 per user-month plus GST

Purchased via the
Cloud Services management console

Do the business
you need, remotely

  • Host multiple, simultaneous client sessions
  • Log on remotely to access resources at the source
  • Microsoft® graphical interface



With Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services you can log on at a remote computer to access your virtual server(s) to run applications, access files, databases and network resources.

Multiple users and computers can connect to the host servers independently, with the host operating system managing any conflicts for shared resources.


We do our best to install this software on your new virtual server as quickly as we can, though due to the complexity it can take up to four business days.

Related software

If you're installing Microsoft Office®, you'll need Remote Desktop Services. The number of Remote Desktop Services registered users must be equal to or greater than the number of Microsoft Office® users you select in the application process.

Learn more about installing Microsoft Office® on your virtual server(s).

Need some configuration guidelines for your business? See our software tech specs

Compatible operating systems available

  • Windows Server 2008 - Enterprise R2 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 - Datacenter (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 - Datacenter R2 (64-bit)


Once we've successfully installed the software you've requested for your virtual server(s), it's your responsibility to source any help you might need for set-up, configuration, usage, upgrades and ongoing management of the software.

Refer to Microsoft's Technet for Remote Desktop Services support. If you still need help with Microsoft software, Microsoft Professional Support is available for a fee. Call 13 16 30 within Australia or +61 2 9870 2100 (international).

If you find an underlying platform fault that's affecting the software you've purchased and had installed by us, contact our customer service team in your region.

Still have questions?

Try our CrowdSupport community or our FAQs.



Microsoft® BizTalk® Server

Integrates diverse systems, letting users exchange and process data both inside and outside your organisation.


McAfee Total Protection™

Guards PCs, networks and identity with protection from hackers, malware, phishing and other online threats.


McAfee VirusScan®

Detects suspicious activity and protects desktops, laptops and file servers from malicious threats.


Citrix XenApp®

Virtualises, centralises and manages Windows applications so you can interact remotely or stream and deliver them to devices.


Citrix XenDesktop®

Transforms desktops and applications into a secure on-demand service available to users remotely, on multiple devices.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server

This customer relationship management solution makes internal processes simpler for sales, customer service and marketing teams.


Microsoft Exchange Server

Provides business-class email, calendar, custom collaboration and contacts across PCs, phones and web browsers.


Microsoft Lync Server

Connect with people in multiple locations using instant messaging, voice over IP, web conferencing and more.


Microsoft Office With Remote Desktop Services

For desktop applications including Excel®, PowerPoint®, Word and Outlook®, plus server integration so you can track, report and share key information.


Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

This component of Microsoft® Windows supports remote desktop access to applications and data over a network.


Microsoft SharePoint Server

Closely integrated with the Office suite, SharePoint helps you set up and manage websites, share information and manage documents.


Microsoft SQL Server

Rapidly turn data into business insights with the world's most widely deployed data platform for managing, accessing and delivering information.


Microsoft Office®365 (T-Suite Applications)

Work on the road, from home, with your customers or in the office.


Microsoft® Lync Online (T-Suite Applications)

Makes real-time communication easy for your staff over the internet on compatible devices with enterprise Instant Messaging, Presence and pc-to-pc audio and video calling capabilities on a per user per month subscription.


Microsoft® Dynamics CRM (T-Suite Applications)

For smaller businesses, get sales, service and marketing modules with options of 5GB or 30GB storage.


McAfee® SaaS End Point Protection (T-Suite Applications)

Always-on virus, spyware, firewall and browser protection for your desktops and file servers on a per user per month subscription.


McAfee® SaaS End Point Protection Advance (T-Suite Applications)

Offers additional anti-virus and anti-spam endpoint protection for email servers plus web filtering on a per user per month subscription.


Symantec® Email Protect and (T-Suite Applications)

Catch threats before they reach your network and server − offered on a per user per month subscription. Protects from email and web viruses, malware, misuse and spam, and offers controls to filter content and enforce acceptable usage policies.